Friday, August 12, 2005

Sometimes, with a little bit of luck...

...a video story lands right in your lap. Such is the case with today's post. Three friends got together on a beautiful August afternoon to enjoy a well
deserved day off, get some exercise, and play outdoors. After working up a sweat on some hiking trails, a romp in the lake was necessary for cooling off. Refreshed, a little bit of soccer was next on the agenda.
The minute we got out of the truck, the soccer balls were being kicked and passed between us. The fervor to play was strong and, between friends, action was more important than style. The ball was rolling and took a bad bounce and ended up floating down the river. The first video clip shows the rescue.

In the park, a long stretch of open, well groomed field screamed out for a long distance kick. Edgar sent the white ball flying while Jesus watched and tried to duplicate the kick and either beat or match the distance. Edgar's kick is in the second clip.

Much to our surprise, the black ball sailed into a group of trees and didn't come down.
Edgar spotted it first and attempted to retrieve it, as shown in the third clip.
The chances of getting a soccer ball stuck in a tree must be enormous, but being able to record the entire event makes those odds even more astronomical. The fourth clip shows the second rescue of the day as the ball comes down...