Saturday, November 17, 2007

A pretty girl....

Today, I have to provide a link to Pete Emslie's blog The Cartoon Cave. His blog is regular reading for me and I happily (and anxiously) wait for new posts. I also own several books that Pete has illustrated . Reading that Pete teaches animation at Sheridan College, my first thought was of his students and their good fortune in being able to learn from such a talented artist. My envy was intensifying, heading toward outright jealousy when Pete's lesson "how to draw a cute girl" appeared and I got to feel like I was one of those lucky students. I watched each of the three attached videos numerous times before sitting down at the drawing table with pencils and paper. I even printed out the final drawing, keeping it handy, as a reference tool.
I started out with a blue Col-erase pencil to block in the basic shapes, refining, and adding detail,with a black Col-erase. Honestly, I wasn't as interested in producing a "perfect copy" of Pete's drawing as I was in learning how he laid down the lines that made up his "cute girl". It took quite a few attempts and I have a bag of wadded up paper balls to drop off in the recycle bin this afternoon. Finally, I used a Design Ebony pencil for the cleaned up drawing.

After scanning the drawing, I cleaned it up again in Photoshop, optimizing it so that I could import it into Toon Boom Studio and vectorize it.