Sunday, September 30, 2007

In a September 2007 post, "John Kricfalusi" outlined the structure of a "cartoon class" emphasizing the key elements he would teach aspiring animators. It's not surprising to anyone who regularly reads John's blog , that he begins with "character construction" as the first lesson, especially since "construction" is also the first lesson in Kricfalusi's "$100,000 Animation Course". Taking John's advice seriously, I'll explore construction during October 2007 and, in doing so, I'll utilize a variety of reference material that I've collected in my "animation library". Of course, my collection includes the Preston Blair books "Animation 1" and "Cartoon Animation", they are the classics. However, I've come across many other more obscure, less well known, instructional cartoon and animation books that are just as useful and informative and I'll be referencing them, often for the sake of variety, as well. Let's get started!