Friday, October 27, 2006

Finally finished!

... for three weeks, I've been whittling away at a home improvement project. Tools in hand, I began cleaning, scrubbing, and making repairs. Next, three gallons of off white semi gloss interior latex were rolled and brushed onto the walls. As the paint dried, I vaccummed and shampooed the carpet. Throughout this project, I repeatedly filled a large Rubbermaid trash container with mysterious junk that accumulated during my stay here. I made several trips to the dumpster, returning to fill it over and over. The more clutter and junk I got rid of, the more ruthless I became in doing so. Possessions abandoned by former roommates, knick knacks, souveniers, old toys, and cobweb collecting decorations were tossed with little regard. It felt good and looked even better!
... in the process of cleaning and organizing, a small art studio emerged, centered around my drawing table. All my art supplies, materials, and reference books are now in one place, easily accessible for when I work. The computer station underwent the same transformation and compliments the studio nicely. I can go from the drawing table to the computer with no problem now, giving me high hopes for increased productivity this winter.
... this weekend, our observation of daylight savings time ends as we turn back the clock an hour before retiring Saturday night. It will start getting dark earlier and earlier, and, toward the middle of December, the sunset will come before 5 p.m.. Long, cold, snowy nights lay ahead and having a comfortable attractive environment only helps in surviving the season.