Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I found the previous animation...

... on "YouTube" when I entered "calarts animation" as the keyword. Of all the animations I watched, this one really grabbed my attention. I was looking for rough material, projects that would provide a deeper look into the process of producing an animated short. There are a number of elements in this one that I found interesting and helpful.
... first, the drawing grabbed my attention. While there were some complex drawings in the film, such as the tree in the beginning and the tree with the cicada, the rest of the drawings were relatively simple, clean lines. They showed what they needed to show to convey the message without being overly detailed. I loved seeing the way the girl moved, partly transparent at times, showing her motion and movements. Second, I loved the way the story flowed, a perfect example of graphic storytelling or visual narrative. The story didn't need dialogue to carry it. The viewer understands the idea and words aren't necessary to convey the idea.
... anyway, I hope I find more projects like this as I study and learn. They're not only educational and enlightening, they're inspirational as well!