Sunday, July 30, 2006

This is probably...

... the most spontaneous post I've ever made on Ten Megabytes! Please watch the animation I am posting here and I will be writing about why I am posting it later.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Going on 2...

... today, Ten Megabytes celebrates a one year anniversay. Visiting the archives would be the most natural and predictable way to the mark the occasion, much like my fellow blogger at The Iron Scythe did, upon reaching a one year anniversary earlier this week. I have to admit that after reading his entry, I did go back and read early posts published here, but the theme of this entry quickly changed as I did. I'll take advantage of today's opportunity to revisit the mission statement I began this blog with.

Ten Megabytes is intended to be a showcase for my creative ventures into essay, art, photography, video, and more.

... there is no time for looking back, my friends, only time for looking to the future and moving, forward. I feel like an adventurer of yore, Christopher Columbus perhaps, setting sail with a definite course in mind, yet uncertain exactly where the currents, waves, and tides will take me. What can readers expect to see here at Ten Megabytes in the future? I have some ideas.

1.) More links
I visit several blogs regularly and have them bookmarked. Although I mainly lurk, the insight, knowledge, and inspiration these artists and animators provide is absolutely invaluable. For example, such reading has firmly established the concept and importance of gesture drawing both in my mind and hand, thereby improving the quality of my work immeasurably and allowing my personal style to develop and come through.
2.) More drawings
I'm drawing and creating more than ever. That includes drawing traditionally, with pencil and paper at the drawing table, and digitally, on the computer with my Wacom tablet. Besides being more productive, I'm gaining confidence in my abilities. I like what I do more and am increasingly satisfied with the work. I'll be posting my drawings more frequently.
3.) More exploration
My strongest interest, being a bit more specific, is using art to create animations. I plan to learn as much as possible about the many components involved in this process and I will begin by exploring the art of storytelling. Again, this is a starting point and there's no way of determining where this exploration will lead.

It promises to be an exciting and productive second year here!