Friday, May 05, 2006

It is a very good Friday!

... At last, all the books that I ordered on Amazon are here and, as I previously stated in a prior post, I am devouring them. Also, I got a new software program, Corel's Painter IX.5, for use in my art and animation obsession.
... the Flash books exceed my expectations and are of great assistance in teaching me the program. Most importantly, they are easier to understand than the manual that comes with the program and, with these books, I haven't hit that "frustration" point - the one that causes me to close out and exit the program for a "time out". Berate the "_____ for Dummies"
and "Teach Yourself Visually" series of books all you want, they really help! Once my understanding and competence with the Flash program increases, I can always read the official manual and hone my skills with it.
... I own a free version of Painter (I think it's "Painter Classic") that came bundled with my Wacom tablet. In almost all cases, the bundled version is a watered down version of the program. Think of Photoshop LE vs. Photoshop, for example. It worked well enough for earlier projects, but I researched the latest version of Painter and decided it was worth the investment. I like Corel products a lot. Several professional artists I talk with, swear by these products. So do the professors here at the "U". Corel software is even installed on the computers at the local public library. I opened the program and played with it for a few minutes and noticed a few differences right away. The program loads faster and is sleek, stylish, and modern looking. There are new brushes that really enhance your work and allow you to experiment. There is one feature that I am dying to play with. You can make an animation in Painter IX simply by opening a new document, selecting "movie", and choosing how many frames you want in the movie! Oh, brother, am I ever gonna leave the house again?
... while you might giggle at that last question, it has a serious side to it. The other day, after work, the "boys" sat down together for a beer and invited me to join them. It was tempting, but I found myself declining the invitation so I could race home to study. There are times when I stay up way too late either, reading or working on a drawing, because I lost track of time. Sometimes, I "forget" to eat or ignore the dishes, sitting dirty and unwashed in the sink. I actually began to wonder if this was a healthy thing and I decided to make some changes. Now, I buy paper plates.