Friday, May 26, 2006

For whatever it's worth...

... there is a sketch accompanying this post today. This drawing is slowly evolving into its own scene as a part of a larger project that's to become a part of my online portfolio, and already in the first stages of development. This is something I've been mulling over in my mind for awhile, exploring and tweaking the idea by using some of the script and storyboard development techniques I've studied as of late. The story and message are getting clearer, and more solid, but they still need some work before they're ready.
... when I first signed up for my e-mail account on Yahoo, I also signed up for a "Geocities" webpage so that I could dabble in design arts. I tested my ideas and creations on that page, checking out how things looked and fit together. I practiced writing html code and utilized resources that I came across while surfing or researching. The page underwent many changes and updates until I finally stopped fiddling with it and forget about it altogether. Now, however, it is about to undergo a major overhaul.
... my intent is to produce a website that will serve as an online portfolio. It will be presentable to potential employers as I go searching for professional employment. My goal is to have everything in place by the end of August, giving me 3 months to put it all together - a project for the summer months. I want the site to have both "design" and "content" to showcase competence with software programs along with creative and artistic skills.