Friday, March 24, 2006

The drafting table...

... I finally got a drafting table! Years ago, when I lived in a large old house on the old west side, I found an nice drafting table hidden under a pile of junk and a layer of dust in the basement. I cleaned that table and set it up, using it to create my artwork. When I moved out of that house, however, the table stayed there and I've missed it ever since. Over the past few years, I've searched the second hand stores and "Freebies and Bargains" section of the local newspaper for a table but always came up shorthanded. The tables I found were either way overpriced, in poor condition, or, already sold. Persistance pays off however, and this week I found a bargain that makes me incredibly happy!
... this table was listed on Craig's List, available locally, and seemed to be perfect for me. I sent off an e-mail, got a response from the seller, and made an appointment to go see the merchandise. I met the seller at her house and inspected the table. She had provided a picture but the table top was cloaked with a tablecloth that barely showed the frame. It was adjustable, she reassured me, adding that she hated to part with the table because it made such a nice computer station and that it was once her fathers'. While the table is adjustable, it doesn't tilt, a feature that would be nice, but isn't essential. The top, the drawing surface, concerned me more because a thick coat of white latex paint had been applied to it. There were some dark red stains on the paint, appearing as if someone had spilled strawberry ice cream and not cleaned up properly. Deciding to take it, I made a mental note to remove the paint and refinish the top if necessary. It loaded into the back of my truck easily, along with a nice chair, and I brought it home.
... someday, when time permits, I'll strip the frame of all the chipped white paint, apply a primer, and paint the frame a nice semi-gloss black and it will look brand new. It's fine for the time being however. As I set the table up, I saw bubbles that had formed on the drawing surface and cautiously began to peel away the blistering paint. To my amazement, there was a perfect lucite surface beneath the paint and a sharp, new razor blade quickly removed the white latex. The paint, it seems, had been wisely applied to protect the table! I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and setting up my studio area again.
... it's nice to have everything in one organized area and handy again. All my pencils, pens, inks, paints, brushes, and papers are right there, ready to be used . The best part is that my computer desk is, convienently, right next to the drafting table, making the studio ready for producing internet quality work.