Saturday, February 18, 2006

Much Ado about Cartoons

... one of my favorite uses of technology is the package tracking system used by UPS and other freight carriers. After entering a confirmation number and zip code on the appropriate page, the carrier provides information about your package's journey - arrivals and departure scans, locations and times, and an anticipated delivery date. I'm tracking a package sent from Mesquite, Texas and, when I last checked, the package was already in Missouri, heading north, to be delivered on Tuesday.
... the package I'm tracking contains software, specifically an animation program that I plan on learning and using. Remember the Jib Jab cartoon, "This Land Is My Land", featuring Bush and Kerry, that became so famous during the last presidential election? How about the game where you catch as many babies as you can as Micheal Jackson tosses them off a hotel balcony? Ever watch Animaniacs? These are the kind of animations one can animate with this software program.