Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pomme du Terre

...somebody inspired Sketchy to post about food, virgin (yet familiar) territory for this blog.

... if we lighten our load in 2006 and leave anything back in 2005, Sketchy hopes it is the "low carb/high protien" diet fads like Atkins and South Beach. For one thing, I'm tired of typing "no pot/add veggies" into the computer, under "special prep", with 90% of my orders. I'm also tired of being asked if the restaurant carries "Splenda" besides the regular sugar, Sweet 'n Lo, and Equal . And filling water glasses 3 and 4 times, just so an old man can wash down a hefty portion of blanched vegetables he is obviously not enjoying, is simply annoying and time consuming. Like the commercial says, a baked potato contains no fat and a measly 100 calories, as long as you don't dress it with 3 tablespoons of butter and smother it with sour cream. Top that potato with a mild salsa if you want nice flavor! I have more bad news for you, that barbeque sauce that pulled pork is swimming in contains enough sugar to sweeten the Olympic size pool at the new YMCA. You might as well stop worrying about scaping it off the bun. And stop picking those croutons off your salad too, the low fat dressing is loaded with sugar too. How do you think the manufacturer makes it taste good and gets you to eat it, while using an overprocessed oil? They add lots and lots of super-concentrated sugar. Sketchy should work for the Idaho Potato Advisory Council.
... Sketchy often preheats his tiny oven to 350 F and tosses in a nice sized Idaho Russet to bake. Besides making a nice dinner, the oven heats the apartment, negating the need to turn up the thermostat. Once soft, he cuts it open, fluffs it, and adds some cooked chicken, ham, or roast beef. Topping it with about two tablespoons of grated colby/jack cheese, it goes back into the oven until the cheese melts and the meat is warmed sufficiently. Crowned with a nice salsa, it is a tasty and filling dinner.