Monday, January 02, 2006


... surfing the blogs late at night, Sketchy came across this announcement.

Ann Arbor blogger meetup
Tuesday, January 10, 2006 (7:00 PM)
Leopold Brothers
523 S. Main St. Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
Ann Arbor area bloggers will be getting together to drink beer, find out who is behind what domain name, and talk about politics, urban planning, tech, music & everything else people blog about.

By the time I finished jotting the pertinent information in my day planner, the notice, and accompanying editorial comment, dissappeared, leaving Sketchy scratching his head in wonder and uttering an audible, "Huh, what the ....?" Tonight the announcement resurfaced. And again, there was an editorial comment carrying the same basic message, however the rant was toned down - considerably. Sketchy didn't/doesn't have a problem with the post, either in its original or modified form, it's simply someone else's opinion. Sketch will form his own opinions after attending the meetup. Sketchy does, however, feel like he has something for the author to consider, or perhaps, reconsider.
...although I've never set foot inside Leopold Brothers, I did sample a bottle of their beer once. It was good too, and getting a fresh drawn draft is reason enough to make the trip. As for meeting the other bloggers, this will be my first "meetup". It makes me a "wildcard". But, I can think of at least two or three bloggers that I really enjoy reading on a regular basis, and not being the shy type, I won't hesitate to tell them that I like their content. Generally speaking, a positive and sincere compliment is usually a pretty good way to start a worthwhile conversation. I can talk tech and politics and I'm quite confident that my musical preferences will be a whole lot different than others in attendence. And I certainly know Ann Arbor well enough. In fact, I know Ann Arbor well enough to know that The Eight Ball Saloon is a rat's nest. I know that the bartenders there could benefit from a Techniques of Alcohol Management Seminar, and, that the bouncers seem to take special glee in bouncing an intoxicated patron's head off the pavement after their bartenders overserve them. I also know that nasty smelling beer soaked carpet sticks to the soles of your shoes as you walk, that there's a very good chance the idiot next to you at the horse trough urinal is going to miss the blue cookie by the drain and pee all over your shoes, and that "getting lucky" at The 8 Ball means going home alone. The place is like the continuation of the high school "basement" party your friend had when his parents went away on vacation. The pool room is a sausage festival, the blasting jukebox convienently overrules any hope of talking to any female, and if you're over 30 years old, you seriously need to examine the reasons why you enjoy the place and what you are getting out of that type of atmosphere.
... so on Tuesday, I'll leave my $1,500 laptop at home but I will bring my nifty little 5 megapixel, mpeg4 video camera to record soused bloggers trying to pronounce the mayor's name correctly. If I listen, I might learn something about urban planning. Maybe I'll just find another nice spot to enjoy a cold pint of beer, or meet another neighbor and make a new friend, enjoy a conversation, or walk out feeling a little bit more "at home" and more a part of the community that is Ann Arbor. After all, this is what I left "The Hills" of Oakland County for. To me, it's worth the effort.