Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I get a phone call ...

... every day or so from a debt collection agency located in Texas. The phone rings, my answering machine picks up, and a recorded message begins. "This is not a sales call. Please call Pentagram Kay at 1-800-****." Even when I pick up the receiver, I get this recorded message, never a human being to talk to.
... I don't have any outstanding debt so they really have no reason to be calling me. They agency is looking for someone named "Eddy Something-or-Other". I got a phone call last spring asking for him. "No one by that name lives here," I told the woman on the other end of the line. I got a second call a few months later from the same woman and I repeated it for her, "No one by that name lives here nor has ever lived here!" A little while later these phone calls started coming in.
...I read some information on debt collection harassment and could call and force these people to stop calling me but I just can't see putting any energy or effort into this. I'm usually at work when the phone call comes and I don't mind coming home, finding the message, and promptly deleting it. In fact, it's kind of satisfying, in a strange way. Whatever this "Eddy So-and-So" got away with, I hope he's enjoying it. I wonder if it's bad karma to wish herpes on the woman who put me on that call list?