Sunday, July 10, 2005


My latest project is taking shape and I am very enthused about it. My passion
for writing, creating artwork, and photography grew exponentially with the
acquisition of a computer. Over the past several years, I spent a lot of time
learning how to use graphic design and art software programs, developing my
skills, abilities, and knowledge. Learning to write html code allowed me
showcase my work on the internet. In 2004, I won two design competitions
with my work. The first winner was a T-shirt design for an internet forum and
the members selected my design through a vote. The second winner was a logo
for an international study group. This design appears on their homepage and
on all official communication and projects.
Most recently, I acquired a new digital camcorder/camera. I've been playing
and experimenting with it a lot! With the help of some moviemaking/movie editing
software, I've been learning to make short movies. It fascinates me to manipulate
the images and movies I am taking and to create graphic presentations suitable for
publication on the internet. This type of experimentation and work only serves
to increase my capabilities and I look forward to presenting my projects here.