Thursday, July 21, 2005

I took a little break...

...from "blogging". I was without a convienient internet connection for a few days because I switched ISP's. The problem was that the new ISP's software didn't download correctly so I had to wait for the installation disc to arrive by "snail mail" before I could access the internet. Yeah, right! That's a "Pure Lie" - I really had a "brainfart" and forgot both my user ID and password here and couldn't access my account. Too much partying, I suppose!
..."Art Fair" is in town this week and I am going downtown this afternoon with a variety of cameras to "explore". Let me explain "Art Fair" a little bit. Every year, in mid-July, the city hosts "Art Fair". It runs from Wednesday thru Saturday and the main streets downtown are closed off to traffic. Artists set up booths along the street to display and sell their artwork and rumor has it that 100,000 people a day visit. It is a huge event, a giant street party complete with live music and a variety of entertainmet, great food, drink, and, of course, ART!! I have my favorites but this year, I intend to delve a little bit deeper for presentation here - both pictures and videos!