Friday, July 22, 2005

Art on a Stick

It's a love/hate relationship between me and artfair! Actually, it's all love this year again, for the most part. I had a great
time and the atmosphere was outstanding - at least where ever i was, the atmosphere was outstanding. I have a
video in the editing room that I really ought to be working on but I will post these pictures for Friday viewers. The first photo
explains why I titled this "Art on a Stick". This is just one of a thousand places you can buy butterflies, ladybugs, and
lawn slugs on a stick for your flowerbed. It's really not that big of a pet peeve but....
...My friends at Michigan Public Media look bored in the second picture. They're tired actually, after a busy day of lending
a helping hand in handling the crowds drawn to the neighboring booth, pictured in the third photo.
Thankfully, these young guys came along and our friends at Michigan Public Radio got back to handling things at their
own booth.