Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"Always star in your own movie," said novelist Ken Kesey. In other words, don't let some charismatic authority or well-meaning companion play the lead role in your great adventure; don't be a supporting actor or actress who only indirectly advances the plot of your life story. This is an ideal time to meditate on this matter for several reasons: 1. You'll soon be given an opportunity to be a hero or heroine. 2. You're showing flashes of star quality. 3. Your creative powers are especially available for use in ripening your fondest dreams.

Well, that is my horoscope from Rob Brezny's site, http// for the upcoming week. I was really amused when I read it since I am so heavily involved with filming my homemade videos right now. Yesterday, a group of friends and I went to the lake and, of course, I was shooting video of us all swimming, playing, and having fun. I even got a great shot of a rainbow that showed up in the sky and published the photo on the Weather Underground site. Perhaps I should pay attention and take the advice!