Sunday, July 31, 2005

It doesn't look like much...

...probably just a black speck so I highlighted it in these pictures. It is one of my newly hatched fish attached to the male parent. Two of them have survived the odds and are growing well. They are eating both the slime coat from the parent fish and finely ground "earthworm flake" food. Shortly, I will begin to hatch some brine shrimp eggs and feed them the newly hatched brine shrimp. The parents will soon be moved into the other 29 gallon breeder tank to spawn again. Success is sweet and it gets better all the time.

Friday, July 29, 2005

The carwash...

...was full when I got there. I guess it wasn't such a unique idea to clean out my truck and wash it. It was fun though - I love being a rebel and "bucket washing" when the signs that say "Bucket washing Prohibited" are so prominently posted. Afterwards, I just had to take my shiney, clean truck out for a cruise down Main Street. I managed to take this shot of my favorite house on Liberty too!

Such a beautiful morning... is "picture perfect" outside today. It truly does not get any better than this! I got up and brewed a pot of coffee and am thinking about where I want to go and what I want to do. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions !!!
...I made my world famous "Mr. B's Nachos" last night for William and Monica. Their two daughters, Selena and Skylar, also came along. The baby, William Jr., is growing and is so beautiful! He has dark brown hair with one patch of blonde on the left side - very unique and striking. He's gonna be a handsome kid! I showed them all the music video I made from the Art Fair footage I recorded and they couldn't believe that I made the whole thing. I tried uploading the video late last night but the whole "dial-up" thing doesn't work for that. I have to go to Uptown with my laptop for the wireless connection.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

All's Well.. the breeder tank. My pair finally allowed the fry (newly hatched fish) to attach to them and eat. This is the first time the parents allowed the tiny fish to pick at their slime coat and now the chance for survival looks good. This is a picture of the male fish of the pair.
...I moved the Santarem pair to the show tank around noon. There were no acclimation problems at all - I just netted them and plopped them into the new tank. So far it appears peaceful with the the male Wild Blue showing a lot of interest in the female Santarem. With a little luck, these two will produce a spawn shortly. It remains to be seen.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Keep your eyes on the road...

...and your hands upon the wheel.

The following 3 pictures are of my two, 90 gallon aquariums. One of the tanks is a show tank in the livingroom that holds large fish. The other holds some runts and fish that never really developed well. It will soon be a nursery tank, used to grow out fry that come from my pairs on the breeding rack.

Friday, July 22, 2005

More Art on A Stick, the reason I have trouble with those little creatures on stick is because they are more "crafty" than "arty". And besides, you can buy them at the Dollar
Store for a buck while those wily,capitalist vendors will sell them to you for $10.
To me, art is something besides crafts. I did see some really cool sculpture - metal seemed to be big this year. The first picture is a very big dragon that I liked. I can't imagine anyone buying it - or having the space to display it at home.

There was another sculpture with several large pieces that would go well in a yard or landscaped garden. Here is a pic of one of his works.

Art on a Stick

It's a love/hate relationship between me and artfair! Actually, it's all love this year again, for the most part. I had a great
time and the atmosphere was outstanding - at least where ever i was, the atmosphere was outstanding. I have a
video in the editing room that I really ought to be working on but I will post these pictures for Friday viewers. The first photo
explains why I titled this "Art on a Stick". This is just one of a thousand places you can buy butterflies, ladybugs, and
lawn slugs on a stick for your flowerbed. It's really not that big of a pet peeve but....
...My friends at Michigan Public Media look bored in the second picture. They're tired actually, after a busy day of lending
a helping hand in handling the crowds drawn to the neighboring booth, pictured in the third photo.
Thankfully, these young guys came along and our friends at Michigan Public Radio got back to handling things at their
own booth.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I took a little break...

...from "blogging". I was without a convienient internet connection for a few days because I switched ISP's. The problem was that the new ISP's software didn't download correctly so I had to wait for the installation disc to arrive by "snail mail" before I could access the internet. Yeah, right! That's a "Pure Lie" - I really had a "brainfart" and forgot both my user ID and password here and couldn't access my account. Too much partying, I suppose!
..."Art Fair" is in town this week and I am going downtown this afternoon with a variety of cameras to "explore". Let me explain "Art Fair" a little bit. Every year, in mid-July, the city hosts "Art Fair". It runs from Wednesday thru Saturday and the main streets downtown are closed off to traffic. Artists set up booths along the street to display and sell their artwork and rumor has it that 100,000 people a day visit. It is a huge event, a giant street party complete with live music and a variety of entertainmet, great food, drink, and, of course, ART!! I have my favorites but this year, I intend to delve a little bit deeper for presentation here - both pictures and videos!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

A series of mini posts today...

...will most likely be the case since it's my day off and I have a few things planned. I spent some time looking at other blogs here earlier.
....A side note regarding the "rainbow picture" I published yesterday. I also published it on Weather Underground. They have a system for rating each submitted photo (1 to 10) and the rainbow is just under 8. I have little faith in their system now and get the definite feeling that people rank their own submissions high and other contributions low. I know that the rainbow is a bit difficult to see, but I was in the right place at the right time with a camera to catch it. Eat your heart out WUG photographers!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

So, it is time to publish my first photo on this blog. I was at the lake with my buddies and it started to rain a little bit. When I saw the rainbow, I ran for the camera in my pants pocket and snapped a few shots. It isn't the most colorful rainbow I've ever seen, but I got it!
"Always star in your own movie," said novelist Ken Kesey. In other words, don't let some charismatic authority or well-meaning companion play the lead role in your great adventure; don't be a supporting actor or actress who only indirectly advances the plot of your life story. This is an ideal time to meditate on this matter for several reasons: 1. You'll soon be given an opportunity to be a hero or heroine. 2. You're showing flashes of star quality. 3. Your creative powers are especially available for use in ripening your fondest dreams.

Well, that is my horoscope from Rob Brezny's site, http// for the upcoming week. I was really amused when I read it since I am so heavily involved with filming my homemade videos right now. Yesterday, a group of friends and I went to the lake and, of course, I was shooting video of us all swimming, playing, and having fun. I even got a great shot of a rainbow that showed up in the sky and published the photo on the Weather Underground site. Perhaps I should pay attention and take the advice!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Before I go to work....

...I always think, "I don't wanna go to work today!" Still, I drink a cup of coffee, take a shower, shave, get dressed, and head out the door to earn my paycheck.
Does everyone who blogs read other blogs?
Okay, 3:52 a.m now and I can't get back to sleep. Naturally, I am on my laptop and on the web - and blogging. I was drifting off a couple of hours ago, slipping into a Spanish dream, when the door to the apartment building next door slammed violently open and closed. I heard some yelling and the cops pulled up. It was just like the television show "Cops", the female officer had the male offender sitting on the ground while she ran a check on him. When the info came back, he was put in cuffs and thrown into the back of the squad car. It all had to do with a domestic dispute and he was pissed off, screaming out obscenities at the two women who called the police. One of the women lives below me here and it was her daughter's boyfriend who got arrested. It's been
both interesting and annoying to have them as neighbors for the past couple of months and I am sure that I will have a few more stories to write down before the lease on this place expires.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


My latest project is taking shape and I am very enthused about it. My passion
for writing, creating artwork, and photography grew exponentially with the
acquisition of a computer. Over the past several years, I spent a lot of time
learning how to use graphic design and art software programs, developing my
skills, abilities, and knowledge. Learning to write html code allowed me
showcase my work on the internet. In 2004, I won two design competitions
with my work. The first winner was a T-shirt design for an internet forum and
the members selected my design through a vote. The second winner was a logo
for an international study group. This design appears on their homepage and
on all official communication and projects.
Most recently, I acquired a new digital camcorder/camera. I've been playing
and experimenting with it a lot! With the help of some moviemaking/movie editing
software, I've been learning to make short movies. It fascinates me to manipulate
the images and movies I am taking and to create graphic presentations suitable for
publication on the internet. This type of experimentation and work only serves
to increase my capabilities and I look forward to presenting my projects here.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Pure Lies is intended to be a site where I can publish my writing, post photographs, put up illustrations, and be "creative".